A Comprehensive Guide To Teeth Whitening Strips

For any red wine lover or coffee addict, teeth discoloration is always a challenge. Hence, most of us frequently need to undergo teeth whitening procedures; to maintain that attractive bright shade of white teeth. As a result of this business opportunity, the market is full of commercial teeth whitening products such as teeth whitening toothpastes, whitening kits, whitening trays and teeth whitening strips. There is also the group of dental procedures done by specialists in dental clinics and beauty clinics. The basic idea behind all these products and procedures is the application of a bleaching agent (such as hydrogen peroxide) on the teeth surface to cause a whitening effect.

Among all the teeth whitening products and procedures, teeth whitening strips are relatively popular; this is due to the fact that they are relatively cheaper and can be used at home without much hassle. Crest 3D whitening strips is one of the most popular brand among the current crop of available commercial teeth whitening strips. This mainly due to its benefits such as being convenient for home use and that it has a money-back guarantee if you are not pleased with the results.

Use of Teeth Whitening Strips

Once you have purchased your Crest 3D teeth whitening strips, here is how to use them;

1. Open the package- you will see two strips of different lengths stuck on a clear plastic sticker. The top longer strip is for your upper teeth row and the bottom shorter one for your bottom teeth row.

2. Fold the sticker in the middle so that you have a crease in the middle, which makes the strips easier to put onto your teeth.

3. Peel off the bottom strip and stick (the side that comes off the plastic sticker) onto your bottom teeth row with the crease that you made earlier going in between your middle teeth. Press it on evenly and use your finger nails to push it into the gaps between your teeth. Now fold it over to cover the back of your teeth. Finally, make sure it has covered your teeth nice and tight; so it doesn’t come off later.

4. You then have to repeat the same process with the upper longer strip on your upper teeth row. Put the crease in the gap between your front middle teeth, push the strip in between the teeth gaps because they also need whitening and press it on your teeth really tight. (You don’t want the bleaching agent on the strip coming into your mouth cause it has an unpleasant taste). Fold it over and double check to make sure it is really tight.

5. Leave the strips on for around thirty minutes for the whitening agent to react with the moisture on the teeth and bleach your teeth effectively.

6. After the thirty minutes have elapsed you can now remove the strips, just use your finger nails to pry them and peel them off like stickers. They come off pretty easy, though there is a sticky (uncomfortable) kind of residual that remains on your teeth.

7. Once the strips are out, you can brush your teeth or just rinse them with water thoroughly so that you remove the residual left behind by the strips. That is it, you are done whitening your teeth.

It is important to note that this is an everyday process for a period of twenty days. Usually the best recommended time for application is in the evening before going to bed, though you can choose the time of the day that works best for you. Also, prolonged use of these whitening strips (over the twenty day period) will likely weaken your teeth enamel; you thus advised to take a break after the twenty days of application before using whitening strips again.

Below you can watch how it’s done.


All in all, using teeth whitening strips is an easy and convenient method for whitening your teeth. With the main downsides being that it will not be as effective as whitening procedures done by dental specialists and it also requires you to repeat the application procedure for at least twenty days to witness any change in your teeth shade. It may also result to teeth sensitivity issues (tip: you can use teeth sensitivity toothpaste to reduce the effect).

Now, you should have no problem using your Crest 3D strips to get that brighter shade of white teeth everybody yearns for.

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