A Comprehensive Guide To Teeth Whitening Toothpaste

Stained and discolored yellow teeth could cause a lot of social anxiety problems. Although it is mainly a cosmetic problem, people that suffer from it may have lack of confidence which may cause missed out opportunities. This condition could be caused by various reasons such as but not limited to the frequent consumption of coffee or tea, poor dental hygiene, cigarette smoking, enamel-related diseases or old age. However, if you think that the discoloration in your teeth isn’t caused by any of the aforementioned factors, then perhaps you may be part of the general populace who has less white teeth. Yes, you’ve read it right. Genetics also plays an important role in the color of your teeth. There are simply races that have whiter teeth than the other.

There are a lot of ways to whiten teeth. In fact, long ago in 17th century ancient Rome, people had actually used urine to whiten their teeth. Although it might sound foolish, the craziest part is that it worked! In today’s time the fastest but most expensive way to achieve whiter teeth is through laser procedure or bleaching procedure in dental clinics now-a-days. These processes are sure to give you whiter teeth in a few minutes. However, if you do not want to spend your dollars on these treatments, you will find that there are home remedies to whiten teeth. Applying fruits rich in malic acid like apples, strawberries and apricots along with baking soda to teeth actually helps to whiten them over time. Here’s what you do – crush the fruit and mix it with baking soda and then apply the mixture to your teeth and leave it for at least five minutes. Do this as often as needed.

Recently, however, whitening toothpastes have been introduced to the market and have taken consumers by storm. The use of such toothpastes is an inexpensive way to whiten teeth. Although some of them may require us to pay a premium for their “teeth whitening” substances, these premiums aren’t really as significant because, hey, you’ve got to buy toothpaste just the same. So technically, it’s just a matter of substituting your old toothpaste with a whitening one. No hard choice there. On the average, an effective teeth whitening toothpaste takes four to six weeks of continuous use in order for results to be visible. For best results, be sure to avoid staining food like black tea and coffee.

Dentists, nonetheless, are advising consumers to be on the lookout for toothpastes that present themselves as “whitening” but do not actually have the whitening components required. Dentists’ expert advice dictates that before buying these products; try to have a look at its ingredients first. Some toothpaste brands claim to whiten teeth by removing unwanted substances on them. But really, all toothpastes can do this. So the premise of them being “teeth whitening” is that they mechanically clean teeth. But what you want is to get particular toothpaste that does not “whiten” teeth mechanically, but by actually whitening teeth chemically. Don’t get fooled by these advertising tactics for “teeth whitening” toothpastes. Knowledge is power. So be sure to get your money’s worth by applying these said tips.

So what major ingredient actually causes teeth to whiten? We have peroxide. Peroxide is a popular ingredient to cleaning solutions and detergents. It is a strong oxidizing agent that has bleaching effects on organic compounds. So try and find it in the list of your toothpaste’s ingredients. Some whitening toothpastes also contain mild abrasives like magnesium carbonate and calcium carbonates. These ingredients make it easier to remove surface stains. However some dentists do not advise on using toothpaste with these substances on a daily basis due to the fact that these may cause tooth sensitivity. It is also vital to choose one that is approved by the American Dental Association (ADA). Approval by this professional body means that the product has met their promulgated standards.
So now that you’ve almost finished reading, it is important that you find what teeth whitening method is best for you. Whether it’s the laser or bleaching procedure, natural home remedies or substituting your old toothpaste to a teeth whitening one (while making sure that the teeth whitener contains peroxide of course), at the end of the day we all just want to have radiant smiles. Because, really, what is good are white teeth just to be grumpy and pouty all day long?

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