Tray-Based Teeth Whitening Procedure

In the recent past, dental bleaching or tooth whitening has experienced a surge in popularity and incidentally, it is the most popular cosmetic dental procedure for an enhanced aesthetic dental look.

Tray-based teeth whitening is one of the popular dental whitening procedures that employs bleaching materials dispensed by qualified dentists and oral specialists for use in a domestic setting to maintain or improve the results of teeth whitening.

More often than not, the bleaching materials used for whitening are based on carbamide peroxide or hydrogen peroxide and they primarily change the inherent color of the teeth.

The overall results of the procedure are dependent on factors such as the concentration of the active bleaching agent, stain on the teeth, age of the patient, time of treatment and frequency of treatment sessions.

There have been concerns raised based on the possible chronic effect of home based teeth whitening procedure due to health problems that may be underlying or possible misuse or abuse of the teeth bleaching agent and procedures.

However, the tray-based teeth whitening procedure is quite safe and effective as clinical data has proven conclusively that the bleaching agent used in the tray whitening formulation is quite safe for oral use.

The procedure is easy to use where patients or users only need to follow a set of simple guidelines and instructions in order to achieve optimal results. The use of teeth whitening trays is cost effective and quite affordable for most people who want the world to see their smile as it was meant to be in its brilliant white glory.

Use of Teeth Whitening Trays

Here’s How It Works:

1. The initial step in tray-based teeth whitening intervention is marked by reception of the trays and a 14 day supply of whitening syringe and gel.

2. It is important to ensure that not too much of the whitening gel is loaded into the syringe. The syringe should be about half full where a quarter will be used for whitening the upper teeth while the other quarter is for the lower dental portion.

3. Another reason why too much of the gel should not be used is because, when the gel attains the users oral temperature once the tray is in the mouth, it tends to liquefy and consequently flows much easier. An overfilled tray will stimulate the user’s salivary glands and the resulting salivation combined with the liquefied gel may make the user uncomfortable as they have to keep dabbing their mouth with a paper towel.

4. A single dab or dot of the whitening gel should therefore be placed on the tray where it will correspond with the outer areas of the teeth being whitened. The rationale behind is that it is usually the outside area of the teeth that people can see and tray-based teeth whitening is a cosmetic procedure. In this regard, it would not make any economic sense whitening the insides of the teeth.

5. After dispensing the singular dabs of whitening gel, the user should employ the use of the whitening syringe tip to spread the dab all over the tray surface corresponding with the surface of the teeth, in order to ensure an even whitening effect.

6. In certain instances, the user may discover that the corner areas of their teeth are more yellowish than the others. It would therefore be prudent to apply more whitening gel for such areas in order to ensure an even spread and a uniform cosmetic outcome.

7. Areas of the user’s dental that have been the focus of cosmetic treatment especially the front area of crowns or teeth that have been bonded are best avoided when using the tray-based teeth whitening procedure.

Now, watch how it’s done.


In order to improve one’s smile and elevate their overall self-esteem and confidence levels, tray based teeth whitening procedures are one of the most affordable, cost effective and conservative dental interventions available.

Tray-based teeth whitening procedures are relatively safe though not entirely free of risks in spite the fact that clinical statistics and data on the long term effects of the procedure are limited and inconclusive. It should be carried out after the potential user or patient has been tested and undergone a thorough dental exam.

The judicial use of tray based teeth whitening procedures should be employed while putting into perspective the patient’s dental oral health, lifestyle and budgetary constraints; in order to ensure user satisfaction and optimal effectiveness of the procedure.

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