Who is Lucy Bennett?

authorLucy is a nurse who worked with 6 different dental practitioners in the US for a total of 17 years. She’s also been a health care researcher and health adviser who have seen over 2500 teeth whitening procedures first-hand. Additionally, she has experienced the aggravation related to yellow teeth problems more so due to dental industry lies. Also, she got so sick with all the illegal and dangerous teeth whitening products so Lucy decided to find cheap, safe and natural way to get permanent whiter teeth. Prior, she was quite excited to research on DIY teeth whitening kits and in fact, bought some and extensively tested these products for about 12 months. Lucy is pretty sure that according to FDA and EU laws, home teeth whitening kits should contain no more than 0.01% hydrogen peroxide to be safe. Many of the kits claimed to EU and FDA approved so she was sure that there won’t be any issues in safety. However, she discovered some very scary statistics. Unlike what she was expecting, some kits were found to have as much as 10% hydrogen peroxide.

Lucy wasn’t among the type of individuals who would give up on anything and hence, she firmly decided that she won’t quit and will search instead for an all-natural solution for yellow teeth problem, no matter what. She started more of her research. It included surfing through thousands of websites, going through related books, following publications associated with yellow teeth discolorations, and getting into healthy diet programs that were suggested for teeth health, she did it all. But still, there were no totally apparent results.

While considering the Teeth Whitening 4 You review, we found that it took her 12 months of immense research and clinical testing, but the time was totally worth it. Yes, Lucy perfected a new approach of this system. It was after following that program, Lucy did it. She mentioned that in all honesty, it was pure luck! In 21 days, she noticed her own teeth to be noticeably cleaner and whiter. In 2 months, a huge transformation from being murky beige color to dazzling white got her surprised. Yes, she discovered a small collection of weird remedies and ingredients that produce incredible whitening results on teeth, 100% safe and natural. One may download it instantly together with a dental care & hygiene guide, bad breath no longer eBook, lifetime updates on various teeth whitening related issues, and unlimited one-on-one support and guidance from Lucy herself.





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About Me

Hello, my name is Samantha. For months, I’ve been looking for natural yellow teeth fix which has seemed to last for ages, but luckily, not this time. I was pretty excited to have created this website to share my honest review on Lucy Bennett's “Teeth Whitening 4 You” which is about whitening teeth easily, naturally and forever.

There are several reasons for yellow teeth problems and at first, it is very challenging for me to point out the real reasons, but with the help of Lucy Bennett’s Teeth Whitening 4 You guide I reversed my yellow teeth and am now cherishing my beautiful, sparkling white teeth. I even went for a pictorial to have something to keep as souvenir!

On the left side of this page, you can read my personal unbiased review. I hope you'll find this review helpful.

Thanks and congratulations for having a whitened teeth in advance if you got Teeth Whitening 4 You too.

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